The only founder of cyberspace in Iran is eagerly waiting for you

Virtual Production Revolution

A new virtual transformation provides unique output of talent and products in any desired place without leaving the film studio by providing different conditions. Neither the weather conditions nor the place provide meaning for you, and now we are here to offer Beneficial benefits for customers is a completely different idea from post to postThis transformation does not have the border between imagination and reality Provide your service.

Digital Marketing

Elham Film Cultural and Artistic Institute, as an advertiser in cultural affairs, consulting film and television productions and video media, is ready to serve you dear ones for a strong presence among competitors with up-to-date ideas and new designs based on.


Provide specialized training in the field of principles and Advertising and business techniques Acting, directing, screenwriting, makeup, Photography, filming, music under supervision Relevant specialists in an attractive and modern atmosphere with Special facilities

Production and design

Production and design of promotional teasers, industrial films, reports and educational documentaries,Cinematic and … with the latest technology of film production as well as design of graphic services and printing, preparation and production of multimedia products taking into account the target audience and the latest technology of the day.

Rent and services

Providing services and renting a virtual studio with the organizer, virtual production conference technology, seminars and general and specialized exhibitions, pop and classical music concerts.

Elham Film Cultural and Artistic Institute is the only founder of cyberspace in Iran

Elham Film Cultural and Artistic Institute, the founder of cyberspace

Facts, R A Augmented Facts. And design within game engines. VR is a virtual special effects design for video and audio. Our collection has been operating as a multi-purpose institution since 1331 by employing specialists in various fields of business management, social sciences, psychology, electronics and graphics.

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